Virtual Prototyping

The research group aims at promoting more and more the scientific interest in the Virtual Reality technologies developed for supporting activities related to product design, simulation, monitoring and validation. Methodologies, tools and enabling technologies are developed, tested and applied in diverse industrial contexts, including the following sectors: automotive, aeronautics, white goods and other industrial applications. The virtual prototyping group has opened up the path for the exploitation and development of haptic interfaces and it is one of the most active groups working in this field at European level.

Product Design

The research group has been working in the field of methods and tools for supporting products development for more than 30 years. The research activity includes geometric modelling, parametric modelling, CAD, PDM and system for Knowledge Engineering. These domains have been recently incorporated in a wider area, known as product lifecycle management (PLM), whose aim is to develop novel methods and tools supporting product lifecycle. These change according to the phases under analysis, from the creative aims proper of the theoretical design phase, to the management of issues related to the sustainability for the reuse of the material, disassembly, dismantling and reuse of the product.