The research group of the Design and Machine Drawings Division carries out research activities in the field of methods and tools for the product development, from the concept to the design, the validation and the testing. The activities, which have a high industrial and applicative value, include: formalization and representation of the knowledge, product innovation, modelling, simulation and interaction, methods and technologies for the digitization and reconstruction of physical artefacts. The thematic areas where the group is active are:

  • methods and tools for systematic innovation (TRIZ, Bio-Inspired Design, patent mining);
  • virtual ptototyping and enabling technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, multisensory interaction);
  • emotional engineering;
  • PLM and knowledge engineering;
  • reverse modelling/engineering.
The research of the group is intrinsically transdisciplinary and it addresses the most disparate sectors of applications, thus going beyond the traditional boundaries of the mechanical engineering, providing expertise in the domains of consumer products and high tech, industrial products and design, cultural heritage and architecture.